We try very, very hard to give our clients high level, award winning quality to suit all levels of budget


Superb pond & water feature renovations from £6,000. New gardens designed & created from £15,000. New ponds, rills, streams, lakes both natural & formal from £10,000.




Town & Country Gardens & Ponds (Midlands)

Corona Notice: All Branches and Staff having been working as normal and will continue to do so under the STRICT RULES of SOCIAL DISTANCING as laid out on .GOV Website…which allows and indeed encourages (to help the economy) outside workers to contiue working in the fresh air of gardens. In addition to that, ALL STAFF HAVE THEIR OWN ON-SITE PORTA-LOO etc…MEANING, THEY HAVE NO NEED TO ENTER CLIENTS HOUSES

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Then do not be put off by the size of some of these, as we feel that the larger the image the more detail you can see, which can be miniaturised to fit ANY garden space of course …and anyway, we like to say SMALL GARDENS WITH PLEASURE and LARGE GARDENS WITH EASE!

WORCESTERSHIRE and a beautiful Country garden in the making…

 Combining natural stone walling, natural stone patio, carefully selected plants with an interesting modern design this space was completely transformed from start to finish IN HOUSE by our WEST MIDLANDS TEAM



The Natural stone wall you can see below replaced the tired and uninteresting sleepers in the picture above. Along with the natural stone steps and patio to replace the gravel this design really made a big visual impact

As well as using all types of quality paving and brickwork in our gardens we are also experts in all applications of Natural Stone work, which nowadays is a skill that most Landscapers do not have…and as you can see, natural stone in the right type of setting adds huge amounts of character and interest to a space, far more so than just bricks and sleepers, which of course we also use in the right setting.

So here is a fairly “NORMAL” sized garden


Where we had the very pleasant task to create yet another tranquil space.
This is a Courtyard Garden behind a modified 18th Century Cottage…

We achieved peace and calm within the city buzz with one of our water features …. in the corner.

We stripped it out, and paved it leaving curved beds to add maximum visual interest to a boring square shape ready for our traditional style of award winning: colourful, all year round, low maintenance planting.

The white walls have been painted black to make them “disappear”…we do everything “In-House” we design – we build – we plant, and we even paint walls… a complete service!

BEFORE…here the recently retired couple wanted to make their large South Midlands Town Garden easy to maintain. In the distance, you can just make out where there was a very old concrete lined, ugly, high maintenance and leaking pond

So, now they have a nice crisp path, with no trip hazards passing through what will be gorgeous beds packed with David Austin Roses, and at the bottom they now have a beautiful pond and rock water feature to sit by…and here it is below…

HARBURY,  VILLAGE GARDEN, LEAMINGTON SPA…after losing their 16 year old son (a friend of one of our Designers) to brain cancer, they asked us to create a “Memorial Garden” for them, it needed to be calm and peaceful to  inspire reflective thoughts for his twin Sister, Mother and Father, here it is below…

And here, looking like it’s always been there it is, just two years later. Note: given the need to create something instant we used fairly mature plants to get this quick effect. No peaceful, reflective garden should be lacking a water feature, so we also created a gently flowing stream in a Japanese Garden Style which you can just see to the right of the steps, here’s a close up (below)…


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A LONG TOWN GARDEN (WEST MIDLANDS)..but could be YOUR garden ANYWHERE IN THE MIDLANDS as we have teams working in ALL of the MIDLAND COUNTIES.


So here we have, what was a very derelict garden, the clients had recently moved in with two young girls and an unusable garden. So everything was striped out, new planting and only mature trees left…


We also created a smaller garden on the lower level too with one of our specialist natural water features (100% Childsafe of course) pouring through a rock garden to the lower level

And here you see Carla the client admiring the work…as always our aim HAS TO BE …making clients happy beyond their expectations, so we are hoping she likes it?

Ahhh, we don’t think we need to add anymore words!

Suburban Garden by our CENTRAL MIDLAND TEAM

Somewhat derelict…

And clearly doing nothing for the superb house…

That’s better and no longer an eyesore and a waste of space!



NEVER BEEN TOUCHED PROBABLY SINCE THE HOUSE WAS BUILT…As we say…small gardens with pleasure (but don’t ask us to do ordinary) large gardens with ease!


This front garden was transformed from a simplistic lawn into a lovely border, a gravel drive and path, leading you to…

A new front doorstep of character and as you can see we always try to give 105% or more!

MIDLANDS BASED CLIENTS bought a holiday home in Sandbanks Dorset and they asked us to sort it out. And yes, we will travel anywhere out of the Midlands

Here the clients Brother in Law, a Builder, started the project but gave up on it.


So we  removed the sleeper steps, added a little paved area in front of the summerhouse (positioned to get the last of the days sunshine) and sorted all of the levels out…


Then we created these natural stone feature steps that took you through a highly planted rock garden which retained the levels as well as adding interest



BEFORE and AFTER: Back & front makeover. Derelict Formal Pond, Planting & a Yorkstone Driveway with sunken lighting.


 This beautiful little pond (Right) and decking area accompanied by a natural stone wall was designed and built by our SOUTH MIDLANDS team and below Country Garden Natural Pond and Planting in Warwickshire, created by our CENTRAL MIDLANDS TEAM



This major garden makeover, which took three months, is a showcase of all aspects we provide to our customers. The following pictures show the progression at various stages of the project 

Placing slate rockery stone to the left of the steps. As well as the rockeries being a feature themselves, this terracing technique provides level areas we can fill with plants. The final result in the picture below speaks for itself 

 We where also asked to incorporate a water feature into the design. As you can see in the picture below we took full advantage of the gap in the rendered wall and built a stream to pass through it leading to the waterfall.

We also did the upper level infront of the new extension which consisted of modern slate paving and some topiary to give it a stylish modern look

This final selection of pictures is to really showcase the garden as a whole, trying to capture as much of it as possible in a few pictures

Starting at the top of the garden this picture is taken from the seating area outside the kitchen looking across the back of the house. the relaxed planting scheme really helps the topiary to stand out. 

This is the middle level of the garden, the decking area created with balustrades and a rendered retaining wall.

This is the seating area on the middle level of the three tier garden. The seating area was created using natural stone slate walling, rockeries and slabs 

The pond speaks for itself, natural beauty created by our experienced team.